KOKO Transitioning into the New Year

We have been taking this month of January to re-group after the whirlwind called “the holidays.” We have been using the time for inventory, reflection and evaluation. 

We would like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful customers who, with your continued support, have allowed us to plan for exciting things in this new year. Some new equipment means a few changes in the KOKO environs, which may even result in some added seating in the next few months. We will be re-arranging and adding new things and it may take a while for all of us to get used to it. Please bear with us as we update! We will continue to serve you the best coffee, grab and go foods and deli items at all times. We enjoy making delicious food and coffee and we love seeing our customers enjoying it all.m 

We have suspended sushi for the month of January and we hope to resume during the first full week of February, so we can all look forward to our delicious organic rice sushi once again!  Look for boxes of some of your favorites from years past…..

With the new year, we have some new breakfast-y options that are definitely available all day long if so desired…..BREAKFAST BOWLS that are quick, easy, and always delicious. 

CHILAQUILES corn tortillas, eggs, green chile, cheddar cheese ….simple but so delicious and filling

VEGGIE BREAKFAST BOWLsweet potatoes, organic spinach, mushrooms, eggs

OATMEAL with a fruit and nut topping which you can sweeten it if you like with a variety of natural sweeteners.

All of these new items are gluten free and we welcome you to try these any time of the day.

KOKO is open Monday through Friday, 7am–6pm, Saturday 7am-5pm. We will post notices if our hours change for re-arranging/equipment moving.

Thanks again for your continued support and enjoyment of KOKO!